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Test anvelope 17 inch ADAC 2021


In 2021, this representative of the mid-price segment outperformed all the premium models, even though in last year’s ADAC 225/40 R18 summer tire test it only came eighth due to poor dry traction. It turns out that depending on the size of the tire, one and the same model can demonstrate strikingly different results. Either that or the Falken engineers really did their homework for 2021.

Remarkably, under high temperatures the Falken Azenis FK510 performance stays virtually the same. A particular highlight was its handling response on wet pavement, where you cannot do extreme cornering in order to stay on track. Yet another strong side of this tire is a smooth and quiet ride. There was, however, a minor issue with the tire’s environmental performance: it looks like the engineers decided to sacrifice some of it in favor of the other capabilities — compared to the competitors, the fuel consumption was slightly higher.